Ages Ago Acres Nubians

home to spoiled girls & sweet milk

                             Breeders of  ADGA reg. PUREBRED Nubian Dairy Goats,  MO. Ozarks



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 Lots of Spots & Color, as well as lovely udders & milk (while we love flash/color/spots.. we have not & will not sacrifice quality to get it!)

--We are a 100% G6S NORMAL HERD!!!--

All kids sold ... will be G6S Normal via parentage or testing

 CAE NEG HERD (tested ANNUALLY via Bio-Tracking)
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 CL/Abscess Free



---We feed a local blend of  grass hays... ( alfalfa fed only to weaning kids and milking moderation)--- 

                             Wonderful OLDER styled bloodlines that include LOTS of  Copper-Hill, Amberwood, Cream-of-Kansas, Price O the Field, Goldthwaite, Reuel ,   Six-M Galaxy & Saada                  

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facebook page -Ages Ago Acres Nubians -page open to the public..newborn photos appear there first.

Kids offered at VERY affordable prices!!!!

 Questions? Inquiries?   Please don't hesitate to email or call!       

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                                                                                        -A bit about our herd-                           

   Welcome to our little home on the web. Nothing fancy or flashy.  You won't find pictures of freshly shaved does - in show poses- or detailed milk records. That's just not what most of our buyers are interested in. They want to see pictures of the herd, just being goats.  My name is Susie Price, along with my daughter Jessica & son Chris .. we raise and  care for a barn full of characters (under the herd name of AGES AGO ACRES) The goats are our love & our lives, but not our livelihood. We sell some kids, make a little cheese, spend a lot of time caring for everyone...The goats just enjoy being goats. In the morning it's milking &  breakfast. The does are then let out to spend their days browsing 20 acres, of meadows & woods. Dinnertime finds them safely back in the doe barn's a simple life, but a happy life. 

     I raise the type of Nubians that appeal to ME. I like large, healthy, friendly does. I like my girls to look *dairy* but still have some size to them.  ( I test annually for CAE. The entire herd is also CL free.. the entire herd's G6S status is known.. via testing or parentage)  I like pretty does. Sound, honest does. Does who fill my heart & my milk pail. (can't understand, who would WANT to milk an ugly goat? LOL) I like long-lived gals. Gals who produce big healthy kids...year after year. (we attend all births. Rarely will one of the girls need help, but we are always there with them). We pull & bottle feed most of the kids, but I do on occasion allow a mom to dam raise. I don't want my herd to ever lose their mothering abilities. Many people who buy doelings from us,  want those doelings to grow up to be good moms. Moms who can & will raise their own kids.  I like bucks who are BIG, but gentle & loving. Easy to handle (even in rut)  Kids who are sweet & outgoing. Kids that grow off well. I want a Nubian that looks like a Nubian. Nice roman noses & longggg ears are a must. I want good body capacity.  Straight, strong legs and tight feet..... and they HAVE to milk.  I also want them, to WANT to milk. I don't want a doe I have to fight on the milk stand. (I think a doe raised with gentle hands, is a doe that will take quickly to the milk stand, when she freshens)  I want does to have a strong will to milk. A doe that's hard to dry off.  Does with long lactations. Nice, well attached udders that will stand up to a lot of milk. Teats sized right for hand milking. 

    My herd consists of bloodlines that produce the type of Nubian that I like. I've carefully... over the years, bought individuals that blend well with each other and  give me the type of Nubian kids I love.  Those kids, now all grown up are giving me  grandkids & great-grandkids that are the type of doelings, that make me happy... I hope they will make some of you happy too!   Our pages are filled with just snapshots of the herd. Some are of the girls, in their work clothes. There are pictures of leggy teens.. happy, silly kids.. big, stinky men.. soon-to-be stinky little men. Goats, just being goats.  Us, just being goat gals. 

    (ALL of our Nubians are ADGA reg. PUREBRED Nubians.  Clicking on a picture on the DOE & BUCK pages,  will take you to that goat's ADGA pedigree. We strive to keep our prices reasonable & affordable for the folks who make up most of our customer base... people who are looking for that OLD STYLE Nubian, that they remember from years ago. 4H'ers wanting to show, homesteaders, hobby farmers, moms who want sweet, fresh milk for their families. New to the country life? New to goats? Great! (I enjoy helping new people learn) Most of our buyers are Earthy, common ourselves. Take a look around. See something you might be interested in? Have a question? A comment?  Drop us a line or give us a call. (info below)



    ** Bottle doelings- $250 - $500 (picked up by 3 weeks) -- (includes: reg. application/disbudded/tattooed/Cocci prevention)

       ** Bottle bucklings...  $250 -$500 (picked up by 3 weeks) -- (includes reg. application/disbudded/tattooed/Cocci prevention)                 --bucklings sold without papers (when available) priced $100 - $150 (picked up by 1wk)--

     weaned doelings & bucklings- $350- $550 (when available)

 Milkers- gentle, broke to milk $350.00 to $600.00 (when available) 

Adult bucks....give us a call or email

**I reserve the right to NOT sell a goat to someone, I feel will not be a good home**

     Nestled  deep in the beautiful  MO. Ozarks (but not too deep LOL) Easy to find, easy to get to. We live on a well maintained, low traffic, paved hwy.

                                                                                               (near the MO/AR border)


Susie Price & Jessica Boaz

HWY E /  Alton, MO 

(417) 778-1766